So always rejoice!!!
Love came down at Christmas!!!
Other songs!!!
Sathutu Wemu!!!
Receive my love!!!
Your voice!!!
Epic songs!!!
Open to me!!!
Dance and sing!!!
I cry!!!
You're delivered!!!
Rejoice!!! Rejoice!!!
Running Home!!!
A letter to you!!!

Dearly beloved friends, may you enjoy a few articles, little leaflets & posters which I have designed & written for you!!!

Little leaflets (1)

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You are wonderfully loved!!!

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You are absolutely adored!!!

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Overflow with perfect love!!!

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Dance & sing!!!

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Overflow with peace!!!

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Overflow with strength!!!

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Overflow with gladness!!!

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Whirl for joy!!!

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Jesus loves you!!!

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Whoop for joy!!!

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Overflow with freshness!!!

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Overflow with energy!!!

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Overflow with hope!!!

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Overflow with health!!!

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Overflow with joy!!!

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Overflow with perfect love (b)

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Overflow with infinite power!!!

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Perfect love throws out fear!!!

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Marriage in paradise!!!

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Alcohol, drugs, smoking or Jesus?

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The second law of thermodynamics says that the level of disorder in any system either stays the same or becomes more disordered over time. So there is a possibility that a glass on a table (more ordered) can fall off & smash into many little pieces (more disordered) [so the gravitational potential energy is converted to kinetic energy which smashes the glass on impact with the floor and increases the disorder of that system] but a load of little pieces of glass on the floor can not somehow un-smash themselves into a whole glass & use that energy to jump back onto the table (however much the sun shines on them)!!! In the same way, a load of disordered chemicals in a primeval sea will never assemble themselves into fish or any other aquatic animals (however much the sun shines on them) thus annulling & opposing the theory of evolution (which tries to have us believe that we have "evolved" from monkeys or apes which evolved from ... what? Frogs?)

The big bang theory claims that there was a big bang (who made that big bang, nobody knows) and therefore, all the planets in our solar system have condensed out of the same stuff. If this is true, then by the conservation of angular momentum, all the planets would rotate around the sun in the same direction (which they do) and all the planets would also rotate on their axises the same way. But Venus rotates in retrograde!!! Venus rotates on its axis in the opposite direction to the other planets!!! Of course, if Venus had had a huge collision with another planet sized object, then its angular momentum could be greatly changed, but also its linear momentum would be greatly changed (by conservation of linear momentum) so there is no way it would still be orbiting the sun in a similar shaped orbit in the same direction as the other planets. And if Venus had come into the solar system from elsewhere, then its orbit would be extremely elliptical (like the comets). So we see that the fact that Venus rotates in retrograde prohibits and annuls the big bang theory by conservation of angular momentum!!!

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Lord, you paid for my sins!!!

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Have a wonderful day!!!

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Have a wonderful day (lyrics)!!!

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Get wisdom!!!

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My life!!!

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Too happy to ever worry!!!

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Tribute to Neil Devlin!!!

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Have a brilliantly amazing & an incredibly beautiful day!!!

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Have an excellent evening!!!

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Song lyrics!!!

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My C.V.!!!

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Have a brilliantly amazing & an incredibly beautiful day!!!!

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A little bit of inebriating Greek

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Sleep like a baby!!!

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