So always rejoice!!!
Love came down at Christmas!!!
Other songs!!!
Sathutu Wemu!!!
Receive my love!!!
Your voice!!!
Epic songs!!!
Open to me!!!
Dance and sing!!!
I cry!!!
You're delivered!!!
Rejoice!!! Rejoice!!!
Running Home!!!
A letter to you!!!

From Johann Perera, a little child of God, called and chosen to bear much eternal fruit in heaven eternally, to all my dearly beloved friends from Leighton Linslade and everywhere!!! May God's amazingly wonderful love, power, glory, perfect peace and ecstatic joy always rain down into your hearts incessantly, without ceasing, forever and ever, by faith in his holy and beloved Son,  JESUwho loves us so much, & killed all curse & sin in us forever, on his cross, by his resurrection power when he rose from the dead!!!

Dearly beloved friends, I do always pray hard for all of you, as I remember you all with thanksgiving before my Lord, that God would rain down amazing amounts of his pure and holy love, power and glory into your hearts all day long, so that, by faith, you may all always ecstatically rejoice and enjoy immense peace at all times forever!!!  For each and every one of you is just so amazingly precious to me and to God!!! We both love the people of Leighton Buzzard, Linslade & everywhere just ever so much, and our lives are completely and absolutely devoted to you all!!! Each of you is worth so much; much more than millions of pounds, and in fact JESUS sees so much potential in each of you (as do I) that he actually died in agony on a cross for each one of us so that we may be changed into his likeness and love others as he first loved us, and so always enjoy his amazingly wonderful peace and joy at all times forever and ever!!! Amen!!! So please respond to God's amazingly wonderful love for you and ask JESUto be Lord over absolutely every aspect of your lives!!! For JESUS, who put the stars in place, created all things and knows all things (yes, he even knows what we are going to think, say and do before we even think, say or do it) knows how to run our lives far better than we ever could!!! And so, follow JESUS in every situation by doing, saying and being everything JESUS would do, say and be in any and every situation!!! Do not worry, do not fear, but trust in God and be bold, courageous and very, very diligent to be holy as JESUS is holy and to always love absolutely as JESUS first loved you and gave his life for you!!! Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!! Praise God!!! Amen!!! 

Whoooaaaa!!!! Weeehhhh!!!

May immense peace and ecstasy from heaven be always yours in excess, in every situation, forever and ever, from God our Father and Lord JESUChrist the righteous and holy one!!! Amen!!!

   With lots and lots of ever so much pure and holy overflowing ecstatic brotherly love to you and all our family and friends, in abundance, from,