So always rejoice!!!
Love came down at Christmas!!!
Other songs!!!
Sathutu Wemu!!!
Receive my love!!!
Your voice!!!
Epic songs!!!
Open to me!!!
Dance and sing!!!
I cry!!!
You're delivered!!!
Rejoice!!! Rejoice!!!
Running Home!!!
A letter to you!!!

  My dearly beloved friends, 

May pure love, ecstatic joy, perfect peace and every blessing overflow in you todaythroughout your life and forever and ever!!! For free music and songs, please click on the music album you would like to access, and right-click (please use a long touch on some touch-screen devices) on the icon below the song you would like to listen to, to listen to it or down-load it, or please right-click (please use a long touch on some touch-screen devices) on the icon below-left to hear or down-load a little bit about me!!! If you would like to contact me, please email me, write to me at:

Johann Perera,               

484, Bideford Green,

Leighton Buzzard,




phone +441525373555  or just 01525 373555 in the U.K.

or come and meet me!!!

With lots and lots of ever so much pure, overflowing, peaceful, fervent and ecstatic brotherly love to you and all our family and friends, in abundance, from, Yohan!!!

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